Hair and Skin

In today's edge of the world competition, the human race is not just establishing superiority in any one particular field of development but is reaching out for complete growth. A growth so complete that each person as an individual wants both personal and professional happines.The highest growth of the body, mind and soul.

Not just females, but the masculine gender too stresses upon the need to "look good" and be appealing appearance-wise to all. Given to the pressures this era of urbanization and industrialization holds, everyone has to be top notch in terms of physical and mental well-being. The mind and the body are interconnected and their nourishment together keeps the wheel of life going smoothly.

Hair and Skin are two of the most important organs which are responsible for the beauty an individual exudes.

A female takes pride in long, flowing tresses and boasts when gifted with a good skin. The males too are following suit. Baby like skin is desirable to all. However as puberty sets in and age advances, the body undergoes a series of changes internally and externally. As age further advances, these very components start losing their charisma.

Ayurved is a wonderful science of life which works on all aspects of the body keeping in mind its growth, type, constitution as well as the state of the mind and soul in relation to the surroundings.

Dosha Predominance
Properties Vitiated dosha Shamanartha
Birth Kapha Skin texture is good, supple, soft. Hair follicles start growing. Honey
Adulthood Pitta Skin is radiant, at its best, repair is faster, healing is good. Hair have maximum growth and strength. Ghee
Old Age Vata Wrinkles, lax, dry skin. Graying and hair fall increases. Strength is weakest. Oil

Thus to maintain a good looking skin and voluminous hair Uranus Health Home offers special consultation regarding Skin and Hair. Treatment is done after proper detailed case-taking and discussion.

Reasons for hair loss

Systemic Illness
Medicines and Hormones

Allopathy offers a range of hair care solutions, medicines and products for hair loss occurring as a result of the above mentioned reasons. Ingestion of multivitamins like Biotine, Steroids for local application etc are a few therapies. Now-a-days hair weaving and transplant are a rage amongst people suffering from hair loss.


Artifical means of treatment
Results Vary
Not economically viable at all
No permanent solution to it

Why Ayurved?

Ayurved has a completely natural, scientific approach. Nourishment of both mind and body is essential for a good disease free skin and strong hair.

Science Behind Hair and Skin Treatment

Kesha or hair is the mala of Asthi dhatu. For the mala to be good the root dhatu needs to be nourished well. When Asthi and Majja dhatu weaken, kesha and nakha (nails) are directly affected. It has already been established that after typhoid, there is hair loss and according to Ayurved, the Purishdhara kala gets affected and in turn Asthi dhatu vikruti occurs. Thus, hair fall occurs and increases further due to improper nourishment. From where the hair arise are situated various oil glands, sweat glands and network of arteries and veins. Their nourishment ensures good growth.

Similarly, the skin or Twacha is the updhatu of Mansa dhatu. It requires to be nourished by sneha to remain in its Prakrut (healthy) form. Skin is also an important sensory organ which covers the full body. Its importance needs no special mention.

Some Rules

Always keep the scalp and body clean and free of grime and dust.
Have bath with water of bearable temperature. Too hot or too cold water is bad for circulation.
Proteins like egg whites, dals etc are essential.
Calcium intake is important.
Various fruits and vegetables.
Oiling of hair and body to be done regularly

Importance of oil for healthy hair and skin

The relation of hair and Asthi dhatu is as important as that of Vata and Asthi. This symbiotic relation is called Ashrayashrayi sambandha. However, as fundamentals of Ayurved state it is seen that Asthi and Vata have a different relation. As one increases it decreases the other. Thus, to have a good Asthi dhatu the Vata in the body must be balanced. Oil is the best remedy to decrease vitiated Vata.

Some benefits of Oil are:
Decreases Vata
Does Asthi poshan
Balya for the skin and hair follicles
Increases circulation as it is srotogami
Various fruits and vegetables
Snigdha guna yukta - makes the hair, skin and the body strong.

Methods used in Ayurved for treatment of Hair loss

1) External methods : Shiro-abhyang, Shirobasti and Shiro-dhara
2) Internal methods : Anuvasan Basti (enema of medicated oils) and Nasya

Methods used in Ayurved for treatment of Skin ailments

Snehan (application of medicated oils all over the body or specific part)
Swedan (foementation using heat)
Yog and exercises
Application of various Lepas etc to the affected part.

Abhyanga increases the blood circulation by opening the pores of the skin and thereby nourishing the skin by reaching till the minutest cell and various dhatus.

Yog directly works to make the mind and body Stress free.

However, one must keep in mind that the body is a complex structure involving extremely varied functions. No remedy gives guaranteed results. But with a tool as powerful as Ayurved, we strive to achieve!!!

By placing some of the facts here, we, at Uranus Health Home And Research Centre are responsible to give our patients complete and total health care.