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Dr. Sameer Mahajan

Dr Sameer Mahajan is a Professor in Swasthvrutta Department (Ayurvedic medicine) of Yerala Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital in New-Bombay. The teaching experience invoked in him, a very strong desire to promote ayurveda and its benefits to the people.

Dr Sameer is guiding people about different kind of diseases, Concept of Panchamahabhuta in diseases as well as in treatment, Home remedies, Ayurved, Panchakarma, Diet, Daily regimen etc through “Saam Marathi”. Till today Dr Mahajan had given 30 interviews on this television channel.

Dr. Sameer currently is also the Medical Director and Chief Physician of the "Uranus Health Home and Research Institute" in Mumbai. This Center provides medical facility in traditional Indian medicine namely Ayurved, Panchakarma and Yoga. The center is also running a "Weight Management Clinic" which provides optimum solutions to the problem of obesity, which is increasing in epidemic proportions today. With the combine efforts of his yoga trainers, Panchakarma therapist numbers of patients are benefited. Dr Sameer has successfully formulated his own medicines for various disorders.

Dr Sameer has a very strong and sound academic background. After completing his graduation in Ayurvedic Medicine from Mumbai University in 1996, he acquired his master's degree in KAYACHIKITSA (AYURVEDIC MEDICINE) in 2000. Dr Sameer served as a House Surgeon with Podar Government Hospital, Bombay and also as a consultant with the ayurvedwebline.com and saffronsoul.com. His worked continued as an associate consultant for Cancer Research Center and AIDS Research Centre run by Bharatiya Sanskriti Darshan Trust.

Dr Sameer has been practicing as an Ayurvedic Consultant for over 12 years. The gigantic knowledge, experience and dense belief in ayurvedic medicines and Panchakarma have helped him treat various chronic ailments. According to Dr Sameer, Panchakarma therapy is exceptionally beneficial in autoimmune disorders like Rheumatoid arthritis. He has a database of many patients successfully treated by him with Panchakarma therapy.

Dr Sameer holds a special interest in Astrology and distinctively started his education of Astrology and Spiritual Science on the same day he started his ayurvedic graduation. This helped him correlate the various ayurvedic concepts with the astrological and spiritual thoughts. Dr Sameer believes that Ayurveda, Astrology and Spiritual Science - all have the same origin. With "Astroayurved" he also shares medical astrology with interested people. Dr Sameer has been practicing astrology since last 16 yrs.

Dr Sameer Mahajan was awarded with ”Tanvee Ayurvedshree Award” for his continuous work towards ayurved.

Dr sameer Mahajan is a member of IAA and has given lecture and Demonstration on ayurved and astrology for the students from Brasil, USA, Canada, Chile, Israel, Norway and Belgium.

Dr Sameer Mahajan had visited Tel Aviv University, Israel in June 2008 for the propogation of ayurved through IAA. He conducted number of lectures as well as ayurved and astrology consultation over there.

Dr. Komal Mahajan

Dr Komal S. Mahajan is a B.A.M.S graduate from Mumbai University and practicing since last seven years. She has a special interest in Panchakarma Therapy and treated number of patients by panchakarma therapy. She is a yoga teacher and running a weight management clinic. She believes that by doing simple exercises, yogasana and pranayama one can maintain and even reduce the weight.

Dr. Sheetal S. Mangale

Dr. Sheetal Mangle is working as a consultant at Uranus Health Home & Research Centre. She is also pursuing her M.D. in Ayurvedic Pharmacology.